Last month I had a moment when I realized everything I knew about marketing was backward. Email marketing is pointless. Search engine marketings return on investment seems to be slim at best.

When thinking about my customers, they all have one common denominator; they all very attached to their cell phones. The question that came to mind was, why am I not communicating with my base with their preferred communication channel.

My developer and I built a texting solution and asked my customers and leads the following question. Would like to receive promotions via text message once a week. The text will provide you a special offer on our service. Of the 150 potential customers that I asked 129 said yes. The engagement we had from those 129 text subscribers were 10x more active than email subscribers. Our CTR (click through rate) was 20% where our email is around 4%.

The data was overwhelming; consumers are very open to receiving promotional text messages. Now we are building TextJet for any business that wants to have a better marketing outcome with their customer base.

We look forward to showing first hand the power of mobile engagement with TextJet!

– Rob Connolly / Founder – TextJet