How to start a loyalty program for your Pizza Shop!

Digital Loyalty Card App Online

Let’s face it, you make the best pizza in town. Your sauce is amazing and your dough is perfect! Now how can you get more customers to come in and enjoy a perfect slice of heaven?

More Pizza Shops are finding success with loyalty than ever! Find out how you can start your own Loyalty Program at your Pizza Shop!

Why do I want a Loyalty Program for my Pizza Restaurant?

Running a digital loyalty program give your business a huge advantage over your competition. You see, when your customers earn rewards by visiting your pizza shop more often, you win!

How do Loyalty Programs work?

We send you a TextJet tablet, that will be already active for your Pizza Shop. The tablet will say, Enter your Cell Phone Number to earn free rewards. Every time your customer enters their number, they earn points or punches towards your shop. When you customer earns enough points or rewards, they can redeem them for Garlic Knots, Pizza, Soda, etc.

Who decides what rewards I give to my customers?

You do! You will have full control of what you want to offer your customers as a reward for being a loyal customer.

Why should I use TextJet?

For starters, TextJet is super easy to use! Secondly, TextJet is the first Loyalty program for small businesses that is designed NOT to break the bank. Our plans start at just $39/month and we offer free support!