How to start your own loyalty program at your store!

Digital Loyalty Card App Online

By now you have probably seen loyalty programs in businesses you have recently visited. Loyalty programs are quickly becoming the go-to marketing strategy for businesses like 7-11, Chipotle, and ARCO. By using a decent loyalty program, your business can offer rewards for your customers for visiting your store. At the same time, you can send text messages to your customers to promote special offers and promotions you would like to share.

Why is a loyalty program so important?

More than likely 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers (core customers). By using a loyalty system, you are able to retain a larger amount of your customers which will increase your core customer base. By increasing your core customers, you will see a dramatic increase in your revenue over time.

Why TextJet is the right Loyalty System for your business?

TextJet’s primary goal is to help small businesses grow. With our innovative loyalty system, we are able to provide:

1: Loyalty Programs ( enter your phone number to earn rewards)
2: Customer Retention Tools (automated text messages based on days between visits)
3: Mobile Engagement (text message marketing)

The best part is TextJet will grow with your businesses. Our plans start at just $39/month. We offer all the features and tools to get your businesses up and running.

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