An SMS loyalty system
for Small Businesses!

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TextJet Loyalty Tablet

Attract, engage, and grow your brand

Follow Up With Fans

Forget email blasts and in-mail flyers. Follow up with your customers where they’ll see it: On their phones!

Gamify the experience

Use points, promotions, and other incentives to engage with customers and keep them coming back for more.

Reward Top Customers

Give customers the ability to redeem their points for free products or to qualify for special deals and loyalty programs.

How It works

Learn how TextJet can help
you grow your brand
through better loyalty and
brand recognition.

Loyalty Programs For Small Businesses

Tools you need to build better customer relationships

Building great relationships with customers is about more than a good deal or a great sale.

TextJet empowers your business to grow through customer loyalty. Invite customers back to your business, give them a great experience, and reward them for coming to see you. It’s that simple.

Take a look at everything TextJet has to offer to help you acquire customers and grow your brand.

SMS Communication

Did you know that 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes? TextJet makes it simple and easy to take advantage of this highly effective medium.

Simple Customer Capture

Using the TextJet app, customers enter their phone number and confirm their subscription. The entire process is done before you finish ringing them out or taking their order.

Analytics & Tracking

We know that data matters. With TextJet, you’ll be able to track campaign performance from your account dashboard and use those insights to improve your outreach.

Multiple Campaigns

Many customers have wide and varied interests. TextJet can help you send multiple campaigns so that you never miss an opportunity to connect over new and relevant products.

Schedule Your Send

Your customers are busy, and timing is everything. Use TextJet to schedule your outreach so that customers will hear from you when it matters most.

Streamline Promotions

Stop wasting time with email templates, mailers, and parking lot flyers. With TextJet, design and delivery are instant, simple, and guaranteed.

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Why us?

TextJet is a solution that
helps small businesses
grow their existing revenue
and customer base through
mobile engagement.

Our team is focused on
helping business owners
with limited resources
market their products and
services in an effective way
without breaking the bank.


“The free taco program I created with TextJet has been a huge boost for my business”

Ernie Hernandez, San Diego, CA

“Setting up our loyalty system with TextJet was super easy and a great decision for our business! “

Julie Jenkins, Portland, OR

“My customers love our reward program!”

Eric Powell, Austin, TX

“Changing from another company to TextJet has been a great choice for my store. It also has saved me a ton of money! “

Denny D'anello, Phoenix, AZ
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of smartphones and text
messaging to inspire brand
loyalty and grow your

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